Friday, March 13, 2009


Hi folks. The telephone cable between our house and the neighbour's is 100 years old and is broken. So we won't have telephone access at our house for at least 2 weeks... this means we also don't have computer access at home. I was ready to put some more pics onto our blog, but now we will have to wait... The guy who came to fix it thought at first the possums had chewed through the cable, but it looks more as if it has sustained a lightning strike and has finally given up the ghost. Of course the company is super busy right now with cabling for fire-affected areas and because of the storms we had recently, so we'll just have to wait.

Hope everyone is enjoying the onset of spring! We know we'll have to pay at some point, but right now it's lovely late summer, with warm days and even a bit of rain. The possums are very active again, so who knows what they're feeling right now.

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