Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Photos

Additional photos have been uploaded to the photo gallery.

Several sets of Ferny Creek photos are there for your viewing pleasure -- much of this shows details of our daily lives -- walking to and from school, walking in the Dandeong National Park which surrounds us, enjoying our home, living our lives.

The surfing pics are just a small memento of our surfing lessons -- most of the time was spent in the water, so we didn't have many action shots.

The beach shots from the shore at Rosebud are poignant -- that beach was our escape on Black Saturday, and in retrospect, a great horror was unleashed on many unsuspecting people while we enjoyed the gentle pleasures of low tide and sandbars.

The Ian Potter Gallery shots depict one of our visits to the National Gallery of Victoria's Ian Potter Centre. This particular visit was for the Rosalie Gascoigne show, which I mentioned earlier. There is also an excellent collection of recent Australian artists' work. I was quite moved by a set of pictures that detailed one female artist's family throughout the 100 years of the 20th century: She depicted each decade with the face of a family member/ancestor, illustrated by the major Aboriginal political, social, or historical moment of that time.


Ed Wiebe said...

Hey Brig,

It's great to see your walk to school. It looks very rural. I found a eucalyptus tree here in Victoria. It's not nearly as big as the ones you show though.


B and Co said...

Yes, it's very rural here, with small farms and paddocks embedded in the community. Technically we are part of Melbourne, though, a suburb, but quite far flung. Melbourne has more than 3.6 million inhabitants, and it's predicted that the population will reach 5 million in the next 3 years.