Friday, May 8, 2009


I have started to devote my 9:30 p.m. spot on Thursday nights to an ABC television show called Q&A. Insanely interesting, with a variety of talented and opinionated people discussing pertinent topics. (And they've just moved Medium, the only American television show I've followed for a few years to the same spot...sigh)

This is public television at its best. I am really seeing a huge difference between my own beloved CBC and the Australian Broadcasting Commission. Part of this has to do with funding, and although they've apparently denuded its budget, the ABC still provides a quality of information, thought-provoking and entertaining radio AND television that we haven't seen on CBC in years. I mean, enough of the Air Farce, in any format. The studio audience covers the entire age spectrum, and the topics of Q&A shows are lively and wide-ranging, and people are clever and creative. I don't know how they stacked the audience last night, but they were all relatively young and too smart for words. Excellent questions. The shows span local to international issues.

So, go check it out. If you're intrigued with the way we can talk about our world, this is a great venue. There is a spot at the end devoted to "mashups", which are clever sendups of Australia's events or leaders.


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