Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day

We aren't leaving until tomorrow morning, so we can wish you all a special holiday tomorrow. I hear the weather hasn't been the best, with huge wind storms in Manitoba, and rain in Ontario... probably it's perfect in BC! The wind is gale force today, knocking down a few little trees in the yard. The possums were skittering around on the roof last night, blown back and forth by the wind. The door was rattling in its frame, much to Nicole's distress.

We've celebrated my birthday, got the car fixed (starter motor burned out ... boo), removed a "nyle" (nail) from the tyre and fixed that, found an orthodontist to remove Kai's loose retainer, and now we're ready to go tomorrow morning. On to Adelaide, perhaps stopping in the Barossa Valley tomorrow evening. Sounds good wine lovers? Then on to Alice Springs on Saturday morning. Love these school hols! We're loaded up on talking books, ipods are charged, I've decreed when we're stopping for coffee, and we've got some good driving tunes courtesy of Top Gear Australia ... what more is there?

Maple leaf bickies were provided for classmates, the crossing guard at the school, neighbours, and us! Enjoy your celebrations in Canada.


Sandra Elias said...

Happy Canada Day to you too Brigitte! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I still remember the birthday at Laura Bean's house - was it 35 or 36? Too many bubblies resulting in the burst blood vessels in one's eye... And talk on the porch of methods for 'self-fulfillment'! Do you remember???

dpd said...

Hi there Brigitte and family,
Happy Birthday to you, and have a
good one. Stay young. Thinking of
you all often. Take care,

Laura said...

Hello Brig and family. Happy Belated. I certainly remember the birthday Sandra talks about! I also remember our many camping trips and the infamous party in our underwear in the car!!! I miss camping...so, Bob and I are taking the kids camping in the mountains this August; the main attraction is Waterton. Love ya, ldb

B and Co said...

Oh you guys... indeed, I remember said bd party, bubbly, burst blood vessels, and more! And Bob coming home asking "Who yakked in the bushes?" My kids LOVE that story... this bd was quite delightful, despite my thoughts of advancing age. Oh well. It's all in the mind, I think!

We just go back a few hours ago, and I have stories to tell and experiences to share! Once again, all the driving and roaming was worth it.

Tomorrow we are celebrating Tom's bd (held over from the 13th, but we did have cake and a card on the bus on the way back from Alice Springs).

More from me soon!!! Brigitte

B and Co said...

That should be, we just GOT back, not go back... we're now here for a few weeks. B

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