Friday, August 7, 2009

Brussel Sprouts

I had to add a little comment about brussel sprouts (more on the food theme). Earlier this week we watched an Aussie show called The Farmer Wants a Wife. It revolves around a group of Aussie farmers who are looking for love. Being out on a farm, they sometimes find it hard to meet women. I guess they haven't heard of internet dating!!... or perhaps it hasn't worked out.

The first opportunity they have to find a possible date is a speed dating exercise where they meet with 10 women, and have a 5 minute chat with each. For some crazy reason, several of the farmers (all male this time -- in the last series, one of the farmers was a woman) mentioned brussel sprouts. Might make it harder to meet the woman of their dreams!

Margaret Atwood's book Curious pursuits: occasional writing is being read on ABC's Book Show by someone other than Margaret Atwood. It's painful at times, because I'm enjoying Margaret's wit and acerbic comments, but the voice of the reader is completely wrong. To bring the brussel sprouts theme back in, she did write about brussel sprouts in today's episode! I think someone is sending me a message... Roberta and I are just going to head down the hill to go grocery shopping.

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