Friday, November 20, 2009

Sooky la la

What on earth, you're wondering... This morning, on the radio show "Bush Telegraph" (fantastic show on ABC National, with rural news of Australia), a reporter was describing yesterday's Senate hearing to discuss the milk pricing system in effect. Of course the farmers aren't being paid enough, at least one particular group in Tasmania. Don't know if they are locked into contracts or for how long. Regardless, the Senator questioning the Executives of the Milk Co., Lion Nathan National Foods, dealt a warning, and said to him, "Now don't be a sook about this ... a sooky la la".

I absolutely love this expression. We first heard it at the school, and our kids had to figure it out ... what on earth? But now we like it, it's one of those great Aussie expressions, like ending sentences with "... as" (nice as, good as, busy as, bad as, etc.), or "blood nose" (for a nosebleed), or "sook" if you can't take the heat.

I'll add the link if anyone is curious -- they played music from a gorgeous band called Tin Pan Orange which is on the following link.

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Penny Williams said...

Funny blog post. I use the term "sooky sooky lah lah" and my partner has retermed it to be "sooky lou" - as in "c'mon sooky lou". Glad you enjoyed the Norwegian cinnamon buns - they are just delightful, aren't they! I am starting my new job tomorrow (nervous!) but am spending my day writing some blog posts to go with some photos I have of things I've made! That'll calm me down no end. I think I've found an alright coffee place! Maybe. And am dreaming of all the things I'll make in my new kitchen when we move in!