Friday, December 11, 2009

On the Departure Pathway

Just to let you know we are now in our final two weeks in Australia. There's still a lot to do -- the car is still being repaired (the panel beaters will be finished on Monday), there's cleaning and sorting to do, the kids still have another week of school (mostly partying at this point!), I've still got a few blog items to post (although I think I'm going to keep it up when we get back -- I'm loving the experience), and we want to visit Apollo Bay for a few days of RxR before we fly out on the morning of the 27th (given the trickery of the International Date Line, we "gain" a day as we come back). We have the boys' birthday to celebrate on the 21st, and the kids have a few more visits with friends. If you are sending cards or letters, perhaps send them to Winnipeg, as it takes up to 2 weeks to get here from Canada. For anyone in Vancouver, we'll be at the airport for about 5 hrs on the afternoon of Dec. 27 -- I'm sure you will see us at our best, but if you want to drop by, we'd love to see you! Let me know and I'll watch for you. Our flight from Auckland is scheduled to arrive at 12:45 p.m., and once we clear Customs and haul our equipaje (I love that spanish word) down to AC, we're free to see people and hug and kiss you!

Tom is finished today, much to his relief. The pots he fired in the kiln at Robert Barron's are quite gorgeous -- some are spectacular, some are just plain lovely! A bit of salt got thrown at a few mugs and the results were a bit drippier than he would normally like, but I'm realizing with this wood firing/salting experience, you take what you get. The owner of the kiln had a few disasters when a shelf broke. So you never know the complete picture until it's done. Now he's got a bit of time to chill, visit the Ian Potter Centre again, hang out, and finish packing and sorting.

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valerie said...

wow, has the year ever gone fast. Loved all the postings on the blog, sure wished we could have come to visit but we will see you soon.