Friday, January 8, 2010

Prorogue from the Perogy Capital

I just got a link to Rick Mercer's rant of the day, and it's a good one, so I'm adding it to my blog for your erudite attention. The other night Peter Mansbridge (CBC's The National) interviewed the PM, the Honourable, etc., etc., Stephen Harper. Effectively, the PM spoke out of both sides of his mouth.

From one side, we are no longer in an economic crisis situation -- good news! focus on that you great unwashed people! look at me, speaking calmly and looking right at the interviewer! the crisis appears to be over!

From the other side -- we are still quite concerned about the situation in Canada so we must not spend unnecessarily on an election right now. We need to watch the way we are spending our (your!) money. It's important to focus on that reality, instead of continuing democracy the way it's supposed to be. Feel the control creeping in .. I have decided that YOU don't need an election right now, so we will just shut things down for a bit and let you enjoy the upcoming Olympics.

Then it turns out Cabinet Ministers are not to waste their time on interviews with media (according to The Current, this morning). That's not what they are elected to do. They are to sit in the House and respond to Opposition questions. That's what democracy has created for us. The media are just distorting the facts.

OK, now parliament has just been cancelled for a while. Prorogue is just a fancy name for "cancelled". The elected representatives, including Ministers, are not there to respond to Opposition questions. I guess we'll have to rely on the unelected media to ask some probing questions. And we'll have to have a few perogies to celebrate our return to Winnipeg (it was hard to find perogies in Aus., other than making them ourselves, and somehow I never got around to it).


valerie said...

I would like them to prorogue their pay cheques as well.

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