Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Killmore East-Murrindindi Complex Fire, Victoria

As seen from space, courtesy of NASA.

The fire down the road was 5 ha, not 15 as I said previously. Still, it's enough, and that's all the kids and parents were talking about at Ferny Creek Primary School on Monday morning. It's understandable that folks are quite jumpy, thus the differing opinions whether to stay or go. Apparently we are slated to have some rain in the next few days -- rainfall in Dec. and Jan. totalled 1 mm each month. And in the north, entire parts of Queensland and NSW are flooded. No ice storms that I've heard of!

An anecdote re: the fundraising done by the students at FCPS last week concerns a local blighter who couldn't resist the opportunity to score some free money. (The students had a free dress day -- hey Edenites, do you remember "dress up day"? Well, this is more casual, and you have to bring money to pay for your freedom, and the teaching staff wear uniforms ...!). He broke into the school to scoop the cash... in total, it was $4300. He got into the office through the first aid window, and started trashing the room looking for the cash. Had to break into the safe, too, I believe. It must have seemed dead easy and he was probably counting the cash ... Well, good news!! There is a silent alarm that goes off with the local police, and they drove up the hill and met the guy still in the building... Buddy had his court date on Monday. So the cash will go to its destination, which is the Marysville Primary school.


Sandra Elias said...

Re: your anecdote can you say loser...
Just some news from the other side of the world - I now live in the gang capital of Canada. Had you heard that yet?

B and Co said...

Hey Sandra... yes, I just read it on the Globe and Mail web site yesterday... you used to live in the old gang capital and now you've moved up a notch or two!!


Diane U. said...

Finally I can leave a message! (Must remember to write down those passwords...) I'm really enjoying reading about all your adventures.