Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tom... Beaconhills awaits!

Looking good!

Tom and work and suits don't usually mix... he's someone who gets his hands (and clothes) dirty because he works with clay, paint, pastels, water, printing equipment, you name it... let's see how it goes!


Roberta said...

Wow, your "plant" must be something special to warrant looking like that! Debbie Milligan can hardly wait to see you in a suit. I better not let Terry see this. He'll be getting ideas about the dress code at Dakota, especially seeing you looking so pleased in a suit - in +40 degree heat, no less!

Hope it all beats being on your
"4". Oh woe is me!


Baloo said...

Wow, who is this guy? If that tie sticks maybe Tom is looking for an admin job when he gets home! The students will never recognize him.