Friday, October 23, 2009

Accident Update

I realize now I didn't have the big picture about our car when I wrote about Tom's accident. There is more damage than first appeared -- speaks to the strength of our vehicle in that it took a big hit and managed to stay looking good. The quarter panels in the back are broken, the crash bar (bumper) will have to be replaced, the hatch lid is now askew. The panel beaters (body shops) would have to take the inside of the car apart to repair the frame. Looks as if the frame shifted to the right a bit when it took the hit. And, given the age of the car (1997), it is unlikely that it will be repaired. My next job is to call the insurance company and give them the claim number. Australia has private vehicle insurance, not like Manitoba's MPI. So we will now have to discuss the write off and the pay out. It appears to be safe to drive. I got 2 quotes regarding the damage and both companies figured the insurance company wouldn't repair the car given its age, but that it looked safe to drive. It's just that we wouldn't be able to sell it in that it wouldn't quality under the safety regulations that are in place here.

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