Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends. Australia doesn't celebrate this day the way we do in Canada, but we took a few minutes before our evening meal last night to talk about the things that make us thankful.

The kids gave thanks for the school they attend here in Ferny Creek. It's tops! Sometimes I wonder how much learning goes on (inside joke), but they are truly learning a lot about making new friends, new words, sights and sounds, a different climate (especially when we heard about the snow in the prairies), taking part in a musical production, barracking for a footy team, and the list goes on. Tom gave thanks for his family and for the opportunities he's having here -- maybe his studio isn't close by, but his brain is certainly engaged in the teaching and learning process. I gave thanks for the gorgeous birds, their sounds and songs -- I will miss this part of our life in Ferny Creek immensely when we go. I also gave thanks for safety -- we've been here for devastating bushfires and saw the way lives can change in an instant. We've driven through many beautiful spots, and have felt welcomed and respected. And safe. Some of the roads are wild, and drivers can be unforgiving, but we have been safe so far.

I have felt lonely at times, as have we all. Our patterns of living changed. Our friends are far away. When I feel like I'm at the end of my tether, I have only myself. That's another thing we are immensely thankful for -- our Canadian friends and families who have supported us emotionally from afar. The good wishes and comments are very welcome. We're not in a totally remote place, but are far away.

We wish you all happiness and good digestive systems! I planned to make a pumpkin pie, but couldn't find my usual staple, canned pumpkin. So now I'm baking an Australian pumpkin in the oven, and then it will become the pie. We'll have it today or tomorrow.


Laura Bean said...


A Happy Thanksgiving to all the Wiebe/Robert's Clan. I too missed having pumpkin pie. I was on salad duty and never thought that pumpkin pie would not be on the dessert menu! Now I am reduced to whinning to my mom or aunt who will in turn lovingly if not dutifly bake one up just right!

I miss you tons Brig and can hardly wait to see you again.

Much love,

B and Co said...

Tom had the camera at work, or I would have taken a pic and posted it. Now most of the pie is gone.... made from a fresh squash (called "pumpkin" here). It was/is yummy.

Whine away. It might just work!