Monday, October 5, 2009

Don't Mess with my Vegemite

A while back, Kraft (the giant "food" corporation) decided to brand and name a new Vegemite product, combining the classic Vegemite with cream cheese... yes, I know, gag me. I like Vegemite (call me strange), which is unusual in a non-Aussie. However, I digress. Kraft now produces Vegemite, so it appears as if the people in charge of marketing thought they could appeal to a younger generation to sell the new product. A national competition was launched to name the new spread, which combines the classic Vegemite (called Parwill in an earlier time) with cream cheese.

The result was announced at the AFL grand final 10 days ago -- iSnack 2.0. It didn't take long for the scorn to start. Then out came the news that Kraft had applied for trademarks on the new name 2 weeks prior to the end of the contest. Looks like they'd already decided what they wanted to call it. They told the public that they applied for several trademarks, once they saw where the competition was going. Sigh...spin, spin, spin. The consensus was immediate... no one liked it. The "younger" generation, to which the product name was aimed, went wild, twittering, blogging and facebooking their disgust. The name is going nowhere, and people didn't run screaming to their grocery shelves to pick up the product. So now there is a big rethink (iThink 8.2) going on.

Stay tuned... don't mess with the classic Aussie icon of Vegemite!


Sandra Elias said...

That is too funny! We're on our last jar of Marmite here! Have been having kiwis bring 2-3 jars a visit for Benjamin. He's sadly not as keen on it as he used to be.
The thought of Vegemite and cream cheese though sounds quite revolting!
do you kids eat the Vegemite?

B and Co said...

The kids don't love it, but occasionally Nicole asks for it. She has a higher tolerance for "new" foods!! And she loves salt. I wouldn't try the new blend, though.