Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vegemite Update (from blunder to blunder, down under)

Trying to move on from the disaster of iSnack 2.0, Vegemite (Kraft) has dug itself deeper. The new name chosen for the unattractive sounding cream cheese/Vegemite combo, is Cheesybite Vegemite. Unfortunately the name Cheesy Bites is registered to Pizza Hut and they are contesting the new name. Spot the difference: Cheesy Bites vs. Cheesybite.

Astute eBay types snatched up a few crates of the "old" iSnack 2.0 and are now flogging it on the old interweb.

In keeping with the theme, one of the table groups at FC school has named their table -- iTurtle 2.0. Nothing like some chips off the old Vegemite block! They change their table names every two weeks..... so maybe they can change it to something along the lines of cheesy bite FC.

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