Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Nicole!

Today, Oct. 28, Nicole celebrates her 12th birthday. We had a party a few weekends ago with friends from school, and she had a great time there. This has been a busy and intense year for Nicole. She's just getting used to being 12, she told me this morning. It may take her a little while. It's a spring birthday this time, in the southern hemisphere.

She moved house in Winnipeg, changed schools, travelled via Vancouver to Hawaii, New Zealand (south and north islands), and landed in Australia in Ferny Creek. Touched Uluru. Soaked in hot mineral water in New Zealand.

Went to a new school, met new staff, made some great friends, travelled all over the bottom parts of Australia stuffed into the back seat of the Saab (didn't love that part all the time...!), was a sultana in pink satin (pics to follow when we receive them), learned some Aussie lingo ("haitch" for the letter H; "... as", a way of adding meaning to a comment such as "good as", "tired as", "happy as", "mad as", etc.). She is friends with the large Huntsman spider who lives in between the window and screen in the living room.

She's been wakened by hissing and snorting, heavy-breathing possums and even tried to make friends with one of them. A king parrot ate out of her hand. A kangaroo followed her around (and her brothers) looking for a snack. She heard a dingo howling. Saw the Southern Cross. Picked up some red dust on her footwear. Wore out a few pairs of shoes. Enjoys Vegemite on toast with the best of them.

Walked up One Tree Hill Road many times weekly. Endured her dad and brothers teasing her about a variety of events. Jumped on the trampoline, almost daily. Played in the Australian surf and swam in salt water. She danced at a disco. Read even more books about the Titanic... She misses her grandmother and her Winnipeg friends. They mean a lot to her as well.

May your next 12 years be just as amazing. Happy Birthday!


Ed Wiebe said...

Happy Birthday Nicole. Maybe your mom will paint your toe nails gold!

Love from all of us here in Victoria (BC).

Gabriel said...

Happy birthday Nikki! That is what the Australians call her! :-) Once again happy birhtday. Your half favorite brother Gabriel. (-:

valerie said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday. You have done more in this last year than most people do in a lifetime. Congratulations!!!
Gerald and Val